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Getting an online cash advance can really help you when your in a bind, but in the future you may want to prevent the same financial situation by managing your debt and starting a savings account. You may want to consider going to a debt counselor if your debt has become unmanageable. Is your debt out of control? THe following clues are some signs that you may be in debt over your head. Also see our helpful financial tips.

Are You in Debt?

  • You make only the minimum payment required on your credit cards.
  • Your credit limit is maxed on most of your cards.
  • You’ve recently been turned down for credit or a loan.
  • You panic when faced with an unexpected expense, such as a car repair, and always need payday loans to take care of unexpected expenses.
  • You owe more on your car than it’s worth.
  • You find yourself arguing with your spouse about money. Or, you’re afraid to talk to your spouse about money at all.
  • Creditors are calling you about overdue bills.

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